Art of the Wine Cork

Introducing:  The Art of the Wine Cork

Imagine your wine cellar, winery entranceway, tasting room or barrel cave decorated with creative original cork art. This was exactly the situation in La Cave Imaginaire, a prestigious French exposition devoted solely to the fantastic cork collages of American artist David Mishkin, whose custom creations for floor, wall and ceiling are now available for installation in winery reception areas, restaurants, wine bars and importer’s offices worldwide.


Natural and unconventional…constructive and imaginative…geometric and fantastic…all are experienced in each of the unique grand cork art collages handcrafted by artist Mishkin.

Using computer expansion, Mishkin also transfers motifs from his larger cork collages into visually flowing images which can be custom created in any size with unlimited horizontal and vertical repetitions resulting in elements of extraordinary visual rhythm emanating from his forms.

Following prestigious solo art in Beaune, Paris, Baden-Baden and the Loire, Mishkin has received commissions for custom collages that incorporate a brand’s corks into unique and impressive geometric collages, sculptures and images of any size. David Mishkin can be reached at or for further information in the U. S. please contact Peter Morrell at

Mishkin Grand Cork Collages

Paravin (below) is Mishkin’s most extraordinary cork artwork collage consisting of 6 reinforced redwood panels containing thousands of wine and champagne corks assembled into a breathtaking screen measuring 6’ tall by 8’10” long by 5” thick. Weighing 325 pounds, Mishkin’s Paravin is priced at $42,000.

Other La Cave Imaginaire major collages

Effervescence Tryptique – [Below] A breathtakingly impressive collage of Champagne labels created in 2001; three panels, 9’10” tall by 12’4” long, priced at $31,500.


Champagne Circle – [Below] Priced at $12,000 this one meter in diameter, remarkably precise geometric work contains hundreds of Grand Marque, Tete de Cuvee corks from the finest pre 2000 Champagne vintages.

Champagne DSC_1994


Bien Dégorgé – [Below] A stunning panel of 3 geometric squares consisting of over a thousand Champagne corks, 3’4” tall by 10’ long by 5“ deep, priced at $24,500.

Vouvray…c’est Vrai! – An outside geometric circle of 50 year old corks 4’6” in diameter, 5” deep, priced at $14,000. [Below]

Vouvray Concentré A unique 3 piece panel assembles to 6’ 8” long by 3’4” tall by 5” deep, consisting of two geometric half circles and a square of 50 year old corks, priced at $17,500. [Above]




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